My name is Frank Semeraro. I am a Ham Radio operator in Talbott, Tennessee U.S.A. - I have always been fascinated by ham radio since I was a kid. Finally in October 2019 I took and passed my Technician License.  After quickly becoming bored with 2 meter and 70cm I obtained my General license in November 2019 so I could explore the world of HF.  I spend most of my time DX chasing in Digital Mode on 80-6 Meters.

I would like to thank my Elmer, Dale Knight(AB4DK) for all his help and patience when I was first learning.

I am a member of Lakeway Amateur Radio Club. This club has a great group of people that have been invaluable to me and thay are always willing to lend a hand any time you need help.

Please Visit my QRZ Page